Saturday, July 18, 2009

Being yourself:

I grow up with an image about myself in mind
Thinking that this is me, this is me, this is me…!
With peers& siblings around, attitude towards life changes quite significantly
Parents play an influential role throughout & lo, I am at a comfort zone till the prime of my life!
The lion’s share is of course taken by my partner I choose to be with, the rest of my life!
This is the time I again begin to think was this me, was this me, was this me?!
I am the mirror of many a societal more that has influenced me at different stages of growth& development.
I know I am someone different from what I actually project, but why do I change, why do I change, why do I change?
Where’s my individuality gone?
Where does my style vanish?
Why is it banished when there’s a new entrant in life?
Some bell somewhere in the clouds of my mind keeps ringing saying go back, go back, go back to yourself!!!