Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Penning down vs. Keying in…

With technology advancing day by day, no doubt, the Pen & Papyrus have been replaced by e-books and blogs. I-pads and smart phones have become the order of the day and sell like hot-cakes in the market and we have an upgraded version of every invention, almost daily! This has made life much simpler for most of the budding writers. As a matter-of-fact, the pros would certainly outnumber the cons if one is to compare penning down vs keying in for all practical purposes. As and when any thought strikes a writer’s mind, all he/she needs to do is, pull his i-pad out, and type it in! With blog sites like BlogSpot and social networking sites like Twitter, publishing of this ‘thought’ becomes even easier! No wonder, the word ‘tweet’ has come into existence! Even editing is made simpler when you go digital with your work, because of spell-check! The computer also provides you with different synonyms for a word with its look-up function, not to mention the grammar-check it offers too…! With all these factors in favor, anybody with a literary panache and a penchant for writing can definitely aspire to be a full-fledged writer.

Nevertheless, none of the afore mentioned benefits of e-writing can replace the joy of conventional writing… There is an immense sense of satisfaction when one picks his favorite pen and diary to pen down his thoughts. Coupled with this feeling comes a sense of originality and an unforgettable learning experience. For when one writes something in a piece of paper, he is challenged with spelling, grammar and punctuation as against their automated counterparts. Taking out one’s old dictionary or Thesaurus is the best way of learning new words, and when learnt this way, the learning by itself becomes an experience, thereby refreshing one’s repertoire of words. Testimony to all these facts is when you see one of your articles published in any newspaper or columns in tabloids, there is a sense of pride attached to it as against your work being published online!

Overall, with due credit to the latest technology, an amateur like me would advocate responsible usage of technology yet bearing in mind basics of conventional writing rather than being technology dependent even for a simple spell-check!