Monday, January 7, 2013

What’s in a New Year….Read on

What’s in a New Year when every second is new?

Seconds change to minutes, minutes change to hours, hours to days, days to months and alas months to years and so on…!

With all pomp and ceremony we welcome the so called ‘new year.’

Resolutions have become a fashion statement

Counting down the minutes to the New Year is the in-thing

Each one is caught in frenzy and knows not how to welcome it

So lo and behold we have several commercial establishments selling and marketing their ideas and ‘help us’ celebrate the ‘new year!’

No doubt, wine and dine is their USP.

So all the party-heads and frenzied heads are buys partying away to glory in the name of welcoming the New Year.

We’re caught in a labyrinth until almost the end of the year and suddenly everything becomes clear to everyone and each one is busy taking big decisions, mostly short-lived!

If there’s a real reason to celebrate, one need not wait for a few seconds to transform into a year!

Every day is new, filled with newness…It is just that we don’t take notice of it and are ignorant about the inherent changes taking place in our day to day lives.

So let’s learn to first take notice of the simpler aspects of life and celebrate the beauty of life, the way it is, everyday…!