Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A song in memory of every dear one

A song in memory of every dear one
Could there be such a thing?
Yes, why not?
Would it not be liberating?
Reminiscing and remembering,
One at a time,
Enjoying freedom with the memory of just one;
Yet being able to switch over,
As though wired with switches!

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Emotions in packets;
Carefully sealed
Fitted into the right pockets of the brain and mind
The user knew exactly when to feel and sense each pocket
Something as easy as blinking, that’s how easy it was
Yet there was a problem;
That of Justification...
The hands slipped into each pocket with great ease
Yet the memories lingered and decided to taunt;
Demand justification:
One is better than the other- that could not be declared
For the bond was varying.
There was then a mad scurry for justifying herself over and over again...

Strands of hair

Brazenly blazing past the corporate floors
Walking back and forth across levels
She spread a certain air of cheer around
It’s a man’s world out there- fully!
Suddenly men seemed to be all around
Until now it never mattered
But now, she saw strands of hair
On the gleaming corporate floors
The strands belonged to her
She’d silently whisper to herself
And move them aside with the sole of her footwear
Or even safely clasp the strands in her hands
And bin them when no man is seeing...
The strands of hair have almost become her insignia
Marking her presence in the cabins and floors
Like bread crumbs in the story of Hansel and Gretel...