Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sanathana Dharma, a way of living…

Sanathana Dharma is the true nature of Hinduism. India is a country with profound culture & deep-rooted values, rich in tradition and festivity. Hinduism is one of the gems that we Indians should be proud to adorn ourselves with. On the contrary, this religion is infamous for blind beliefs and customs. Ironically, it is we Hindus who’ve been instrumental for the same.
Many of the rituals followed by us carry immense meaning & importance. When they were initially formulated by our good old seers, they were very well aware of the significance of the same. A renowned space scientist Jayanth Narlikar rightly said that we Indians have lost the “questioning ability” somewhere down the line… The sages of the past used to question their masters when asked to follow something. Questioning is now considered as being disobedient o rather taboo; thereby belittling the very existence of Hinduism.

Prayers, Gods and temples are being out rightly commercialized. Novel ways of pleasing the Almighty mushroom day by day; giving Hinduism an artificial make over. Money rules the roost as always! Brahmins are supposed to be “brahmana bahujana priya,” instead, over the years, quite sadly, the saying has become, “brahmana bojana priya!” Thousands of rupees are spent on Upanayanam; sadly only a few understand it fully and perform ‘sandhyavandhanam.’ It is such ignorance which insults Hinduism. Eg., Vinayaka Chathurthi or Navarathri means only food and bonhomie to us! Why don’t we think beyond? If the rishis of the past could do it then, why not us now? Due respect to the people who perform rites with a sense of understanding though…
Temples & religious establishments are full of lucrative offers. Various poojas are recommended and performed in the name of God, showing us all a live example of materialism in the dress of spirituality! Scriptures exhort that God realization should be the goal of a human being. They also teach us simple ways of leading a life that is gratifying. I believe service is the best way of pleasing God; mere chanting of the Lord’s name would not suffice to wash away sins.
I exhort to all, that ours is a sensible and practical religion which is more people-friendly and sure does not consist of anything absurd. The onus is on us to carry forth this religion and prevent from any form of degeneration; in other words we should be the ambassadors of “Sanathana Dharma” or in simpler terms, “a way of living…”