Sunday, April 21, 2013


Synonyms to solitude are near to zero.Loneliness does not even come close to the word Solitude; for it could also be negatively impacting. Solitude on the other hand is a rare gem that one would love to treasure. Joys of solitude are aplenty... It could simply be a few minutes spent in absolute peace ally by oneself; and would still feel like aeons spent, amidst all the family and corporate madness, rat race, survival of the fittest et al.  

                        Solitude is a healthy drug that would prove to work wonders on you! All of us seem to have been caught in a gamut of "familiarity breeding contempt", we do not seemingly know how to free ourselves off the labyrinth! If there is truly some law called "the law of diminishing marginal utility" applicable to objects and actions, why can't the same be extended and applied to people as well? As in, why don't people understand the fact that regardless of how closely knit your ties are with another person, that individual still has a life, mind, brain and heart of his own that he/she could use to survive? Most of the clashes sprout when one's personal space and individuality is attacked. If one just takes a simple decision of understanding each one's freedom, half the troubled relationships could be saved. First, one needs to be convinced that he/she is an individual by himself/herself,  barring all societal mores that he/she is influenced by. If this is cracked, my dear friends, life could be simpler and easier, given the fact that a problem-free life happens only in the ideal world! So go hunt for those fun-filled solitary moments and unleash yourself! Most of all, never ever regret anything you do; quoting Dr.Seuss here- "Be who you are and say what you feel like because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind!"