Monday, May 31, 2010


Etched in my mind stands my trip to my little hometown, Kottayam. I get a very summery-feel as I step into my ancestral home in Kerala. A gush of childhood memories came rushing through my mind making me behave like a child! Yes! Really seeking the attention of all my maternal uncles and of course my grandparents! A warm welcome as I enter the threshold of my native home. A breeze of nostalgia just blows across my face and takes me back to my childhood summer holidays!
                      The aroma of freshly brewed coffee beckons me to the kitchen, which is located half a mile away from the entrance hall. This is where I tasted my first cup of black coffee. My heart is pounding with joy and excitement, and I run into all the rooms of the house, just to survey if things have changed or still the same; and as predicted, they had changed, though not fully. Soon I start catching up on family itsy-bitsy with all my aunts and uncles. The house was as full as ever; filled with relatives and students who used to come for tuitions held by my uncles. The traditional “nalukettu” (a long square shaped space in the center of the house) had been converted into a study/ teaching room with a typical blackboard and a few benches, exactly representing a class room. This is where my maternal uncles take classes of mathematics for all standards of children. They are well known for their expertise in tuitions.
                   This house was always my playground back in school vacation days. The house in its entirety has stood tall during all trying times and always is a source of respite and contentment for me both as a kid and as a grown-up. I quickly walk up to my camera pouch and start clicking pics with an eye for detail, wanting to capture every part of my beautiful home. In the event, I go to the picturesque green pond located within the premises of this huge home. Soon I rewind to the day when I went tumbling down and fell into this pond and how my uncle came to my rescue and took me out of it!! Fond memories indeed…! I then take a sneak-peak into every corner of the house with my Canon 4.0 mega pixel cyber shot camera; just wanting to make sure I cover every portion of my home. Gradually, the day came to an end, and upon severe persuasion and plea, I get my dad’s permission to stay over that night so that I can prolong my fun-time with my kith and kin, for I had lots to catch up on!
                        With full of fun and frolic and of course lots of nostalgia, my cameo stay at my grandma’s home drew to an end and it was time to bid adieu to all. With a half-hearted smile on my face, I waved everyone a goodbye and left my home, truly hoping to revisit soon!
                       Memoirs of this are still vivid in my mind and shall never be forgotten, for they are immeasurable and priceless!! Hail Childhood!!!