Sunday, September 14, 2014


Different people assume importance at different stages
Different people become important at various points in time;
However a distinctly strange thing happens:
Each one come in, play their part;
And then depart 
Before they appear next, the previous characters would have been long gone...
Pure, seamless, Transition.
Quaint, yet quintessence of life this is.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tasting security

 Her mom had reasonably long hair that reached till the bottom of her sari's blouse. She used to always have her hair plaited. As a little kid she sucked her left thumb; holding on to a tuft of her mom's plaits. Up until the age of 5 or even 6, she used to carefully wrap her mom's plaits around her thumb each time her mom carried her; making it all the more easily accessible for her to peacefully suck her thumb. Obviously she was prevented from doing this, at least in public; albeit she found solace in the act. Eventually, as she grew up, she reserved this act of solace only for the nights. She made it a point to sleep only with her mom almost, always, only so she could catch hold of her tresses; not realising she was a 'big girl' now! She went on this way until class 10!

Her left thumb would almost be sore until its knuckle; with the wetness of her mouth's saliva. A certain sense of safe and protected feeling enveloped her always when she was in contact with her mom's hair. Come to think of it now, while reminiscing those days, she still lives in astonishment about the fact that she used to suck her thumb till class 10! Was it the feel of her mom's hair or was it its smell or was it a sense of insecurity? Whatever it was, it tasted damn good!!