Monday, March 5, 2012

Hail Power-cuts!

As all the electrical equipments came to a grinding halt, my afternoon siesta had to cease too, after an inexplicable dream!
Still half asleep, my hand reached to the transistor to tune in to my favourite classical music programme on FM gold.
Lilting notes of the mandolin did I hear then...
Transporting me to a world of gay abandon!...
Amidst these groovy notes off the broadcast waves and sweaty sleeplessness, effort I put in to guess the raga of the song!!
Unsure was I as usual with guesses hovering around charukesi and hamsadhawani ...finally I settled down on Malayamarutham....!!
Nostalgia was the mood created eventually with a few drops of tears trickling down my cheeks...
I soon wait for the announcer to give out the name of the raga of the next song as I had already missed the first one which had left me guessing!
At such times of pleasant crisis, the announcer's piece of information is Supreme knowledge for amateurs like me!
Reach then did I to my Parker to scribble these ramblings on a piece of paper lying on the nearest table!
Now would love to sip in to a cup of caffeine...!
I'd love to savour every sip of my coffee with a relieved feeling of having managed to pen down something after quite a while!!!

Wishing myself a good evening ahead...! :-)