Sunday, October 11, 2009

Café Tapas…

Café Tapas, a walk down the velachery main road, just past the police station… Drop in anytime between 11.a.m and 11p.m., for some Coffee. Finger food. Nirvana, as they put it…A bold and novel concept designed for corporates and circles of friends to hang out with, especially in an ever developing place like vela…

Located under a tree, a bank converted into a coffee place, and run by a group of youngsters, from backgrounds like hotel management to recruitment, this is the perfect hangout place for anyone who just loves some solitary relaxation…It wears a thorough ethnic look; right from the flooring to it’s interiors… Lovely drapes, artistic curios, some books on relaxation and wellness for both sale and reading, granite benching, walls covered with bamboo, on which hangs a small black board written with colored chalk listing out the menu, and of course, not to forget the Buddha statue which would catch everyone’s attention, are the highlights of the ambience at Café Tapas…The rates are also very much affordable…eg., a tall glass of rich coffee shake just costs you Rs.55/- Some of their inter-continental menu highlights include Signature coffee, Satvik soups and salads, Bread Sutras, Chaats and many more as they call it …The best part is, there’s no non-veg…thanks to the Buddha statue there!

As my husband and I just stepped in, a young guy, one of the front runners of this place, greets us with a broad and welcoming smile…Extremely hospitable person, when asked about the specialty of this place, quickly hands over a menu card, and is never reluctant in taking us through the menu...not forgetting every detailing…after quite a long conversation on how this concept was conceived and materialized, he introduces himself as Bharath. A hotel management guy, with experience in five star hotels, he and his group of cousins and brother have come up with this joint venture, Café Tapas.

One can indulge themselves in some nice coffee and relaxation in their cozy sofas…and sit back and read some books and magazines, enjoy some soothing music at the backdrop… While we placed the order, Bharath sneaks in, and hands over some puzzles to solve, quite a different concept to keep us occupied as food gets ready. As our rich coffee shake and expresso arrived, we are still found solving those puzzles! When found cracking our heads with those puzzles, Bharath readily comes in and offers clues to solve ‘em… and voila! they are solved with ease! Even as he reminds us that our food was getting cold, we do not want to stop trying those puzzles with the given clues!

After an hour-long indulgence in coffee, food and puzzles, with much hesitation we decide to bid adieu to Café Tapas, but of course with the satisfaction that we’d be able to revisit this place! Bharath hands over a colorful suggestions diary, made out of recycled paper. He then hands over a bookmark to the two of us as a souvenir…The best part about this place is that it’s drop dead ethnic, even the bill was inserted into a nice and ethnic card made out of recycled paper! Three cheers to Café Tapas!!! As they rightly put it, Coffee. Finger Food. Nirvana…all three are one hundred percent guaranteed with quality at vela’s own coffee hangout!


  1. I totally agree Usha!! The tapas joint is like a chill pill..being there alone or with feels as relaxing and with so much to read solve resolve or just blend into the tranquil ambience sipping on a hot cuppa coffee or dig into their awesome salads and chaats. Kinda miss that place after I got here ;) Next time I come that side would give it a visit!! - AJ

  2. sure aj..we perhaps cud meet up there....the very 1st time i went there...i feel in luv with that place!