Friday, August 23, 2013 we have it yet?

At the wake of the 67th year of so-called independence, we Indians seem to be living in a falsified sense of freedom. Freedom we for sure have from the British tyranny, nonetheless, in reality, we are not free. Independence could be anything ranging from the right to express/talk/information to another country’s rule over us. The latter has superficially, or at least to a large extent has reduced, nevertheless, we as a nation seem to have trouble with the right to express/talk/information.
                                It starts from expressing our views openly, people live with fear to post/tweet their thoughts/opinions online. Movies/Cinema have always been a great medium of entertainment/reformation. There are numerous movies that have been raised to cult status. It is sad to note that in a country so diverse in its culture as ours, we still face issues with the right to expression! We have all the time to dispute a filmmaker’s views and ban movies from being released, in stead, we’d rather spend time productively by looking into issues that are concerning, that are the need of the hour. Eg., rising onion/vegetable prices, downfall of the Indian rupee, women’s safety which is a perrenial issu, et al!
                            Now that’s not all...Freedom of expression is a cause for concern even in homes&work environment. Supression of thoughts is prevalent in most families; regardless of any gender. The simplest example begins with that of the stress and competition that students undergo. Peer and parental pressure make them choose courses which are not of their interest; this is one of the reasons we produce many  aimless MBA and engineering grads!
                        Work environment is a different ballgame altogether, whistleblowers are a universal threat, more so in an Indian corporate house.The feudal system has been eradicated, says who?! The so-called modern corporates/MNCs continue to practise it quite subtly, in the dress of diplomacy! You would have a so-called foreign client you would need to surrender to, completely, as they mean business at the end of the day! Thus we end up dancing to their tunes...!
                          With all these concerns looming large, one cannot a 100% vouch the fact that we are in free India now. It is time we wake up to the fact that there are actually, “miles to go before we sleep...!”***

***The phrase “Miles to go before we sleep”- Courtesy-Robert Frost.

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