Sunday, September 15, 2013

Career and promotions(Taken from my Diary, year-2006).

In this fast and ever changing world of cut throat competition, to move up the corporate ladder is becoming a herculean task. This is predominantly caused due to work-related politics. One has to be invariably involved in this new found political nemesis. None can escape this, each one in the upper level management is a prey to this.  This is more so, because such politics is enthusiastically encouraged by most of the organizations.
                       Due respect to the efforts and performance of some workaholics amongst the gamut of some cheap, politically influenced people.  The irony is that, the effort that they put in towards their work is completely clouded by some of our own anti-social peers at work. Unfortunately, the higher management decides promotions based on who pleases them most! The simplest and common ways of pleasing them include getting them a smoke or drinking out with them or to be more blatant, sugar them with your impressive talk and dressing; especially if you are of the opposite sex. All this has come of age of late, and has become a part and parcel of work culture at MNCs per se. I clearly observe that such a trend has been borrowed, or rather transitioned from government organizations. Earlier, private companies used to be considered as the ideal place to nurture your skills and learn how to grow by showing performance. Sad to note that they have also joined this band wagon.
                        It feels annoying, to even report to work in such a company. You know for a fact that whatever you do is futile, so why at all work, is the in-thing. When you are aware that promotions are not decided based on the work that you put in, why would you work? What is even more disappointing is that, the career graphs of such people look pretty promising and happening due to their unhealthy ways of getting promoted. This is the primary reason for lack of performance at most of the companies. India is a place with a set of young brilliant minds, well educated and hard working. I am afraid it is all draining, and going to the dogs! Everybody seems to be caught in this political net knowingly or unknowingly, thereby deterring work balance.

                             Work culture has changed a lot, which is good, but at the same time has to be kept a strong check on. Money rules. Each one is busy filling their own pockets in this fast work world. As the common saying goes, the rich become richer and the poor become poorer.  This is not going to take our country anywhere. How can we claim that our country is even developing, when we are actually going backwards? This is certainly not going to take us anywhere, contrarily; it is only going to jeopardize the economy of our country. I exhort to my peers to ponder over this and realize where this fast changing corporate world is taking us to.

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