Friday, October 18, 2013

Letting go

Bundles of thoughts and emotions stacked up right there in the deeper corners of mind
They have been fed well and balmed with preservatives

There is a certain dogma that we are incessantly obsessed with

We can never for  once,  let go!

We are too busy pleasing the world and forget that we even exist

There is a heart that beats all day and night not forgetting its function for a slightest second

There is a temple called your body given by the Lord

There is a face that is the index of the mind

That  glows like the beautiful moon

We forget them all  and are busy convincing the world

Far away from the madding crowd and din

There is a world of subtlety with finer nuances

Just let go and learn to embrace every moment

Sometimes company could be asphyxiating

Solitude is a great healer

Mate,  pray its different from loneliness

No bling can match up to this ring of solitude

From solitude emerges “solace”

You don’t have to wait for another birth to fulfill your dreams

It has to be at this time, now is the time!

Dreams need not be big ones

It could be as candid and simple as wearing something comfortable!

Whatever it may be, tell yourself, just  let go and be yourself..!


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