Monday, October 28, 2013


I am grounded on earth. Firm, no deviation from the mundane routine. Work goes on, regardless of how I feel. Smiles are exchanged. Books and newspapers are read. Colleagues and friends are met. Warmth when I return home; within the confines of my shelter, I don’t run helter-skelter. Just thoughts and I after husband. Freedom, I have thus gained. Freedom to pursue my passion:nothing but penning down! 

Sultry feeling sans a piece of writing:
Post penning down...
The fresh smell of a summer rain then I feel
On a poetic frenzy throughout the day
Lusting the newfound preoccupation I am
Makes me view the mundane with an elevation
A primordial joy I feel , away from the ordinary.
A zone of zero expectation
Yet just some preoccupation.
Present through the day,
With just some presence.
Needs no melodrama:
Not overbearing,
Yet a positive stickler of change.
Celebrate, live each moment
Imprisoned you will thus not be.
Present becomes the past in seconds
Gear up, cheer up, the voice keeps lingering...

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