Saturday, October 26, 2013


A cliche it perhaps is...
A lot in a name, indeed there is!
Here to announce a change, I am:
Resurrection of a long-lost passion,
Blogged, web-logged as penningreinvented,
Here to embrace CHANGE
Change sat over some filter coffee with me
Traverse the boulevards of the mind we did
Handed over I was with Serendipity
A pal who serenaded all night
About what I could write
When you’re not writing,
Gathering material you are subconsciously...
It is a liberating experience
It kept being reiterated!
Nursing them all discreetly,
Day in and day out
And I chance upon Serendipity again
At once, I jump at the idea,
Penning Reinvented is thus, SERENDIPITY!
Welcome aboard...for a rendezvous!

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