Saturday, November 16, 2013

What does a woman want?

Oh! Alas what does a woman want?
Ponders a fellow woman in angst!
A question that should not haunt,
Incredulous, a fellow woman shan’t be,
Digging her own peril, then she’d be!

An adult human female that she is,
A lesser human, no way she is!
Her want thus would be,
Just what every human wants to be!

Every human has a heart and mind to nurse,
Thoughts and emotions are kept pursed,
Coming across at times as a curse,
Sometimes even as a powerful force!

Features and metabolism she possesses different,
She still is human yet!
Met I have many a woman,
Who first is a human
Only then a woman!

Changes in the chambers of her mind do happen,
Why then is a storm in a teacup conjured up?
Alas she just wants to coexist!
Consist does her mind of human wants,
For no lesser a human she is!
Pity I feel on the women who feel apathetic,
Who keep considering their role is surreal,
Lo and Behold! Ring it must in your head
That you are real and human...
Jocund you must feel
Make an appeal and be dashing...
Admonish thoughts of what a woman in particular wants,
Stay Put: For it’s just what every human wants!

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