Monday, December 30, 2013


The last quarter dear 13, has indeed been the best chapter
Yearn for a freezing machine, I do,
To Freeze: time, memory, actions.
13, you’ve been the antidote to debilitation:
Loud and clear the bells chime;
Singing hymns of love in chorus.
Love has an all new language
Guiding one to dimensionless terrains
Aids in unraveling from arid crevices
Exhorts: Be yourself, in every form: You, Yours, Yourself...
Sprinkling torrential rains over expanses of aridness.
Dear 13, hate to see you depart,
Wagons of gratitude you deserve,
Preserved, and seasoned with time and love.
Happy 2014, nay, not there yet,
Before I am smothered by wishes and messages;
There’s more to go...
December, ended you have not
For 13, I still see you up close,
I’d date you all my life
Things shall ever remain rustic and timeless
For I detest brand-newness...
All nice things are old: like wine...!
A bottled toast to you dear baker’s dozen, my dear 13!!!

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