Thursday, December 19, 2013


Time, you wretched, double-edged sword

How you stab all the time!

Unexplained silence: waiting time...

Testing and Trying

All the time; what have you in store?

The world loves you,

Crazy about you;

Brandished you are with different brands

Notwithstanding, You are still the same:

Needling the very same minutes, seconds and hours!

Raising hopes,

Infusing dreams,

At the end you churn out an imbroglio

A big ball of imbroglio

Scaffolding: that takes up layers of Time!

And then you do a viva-voce:
Getting mortals to race against you!

You just fly,

Fly so high,

Soaring into abysmal heights

Defying gravity

You just reluctantly choose to pass by

Without even a damn concern!

You leave so much grime

That can’t be cleansed with brine

Deal one needs to with their might

Making one squirm in angst

A new day dawns with a remote hope

Dawn, day, dusk, night:

Scope is tucked in somewhere deep within

Beyond human vision!

You wretched Time, you make one go berserk

Irk you thus do, for we are bound by You:

Time, you bloody Time!


  1. Time.....Time....Time....
    Good poem....
    Hope the time ahead brings you a lot of smiles :)