Monday, January 27, 2014


Familiar cool breeze
Of perfumed emotions
Of TOUCH, a scintillating aphrodisiac
Squirming, in the pangs of metaphysical love.
Bury them all in the abysmal depths of TIME
For they are just racy emotions
Damn them, they are gone!
They don't last long.
Lure they sure do,
Alluring too:
Traversing past those fine mounds
Love's song they sing in resounding glory
Leading to the zenith of feminity
Yet, they come with a disclaimer:
Tagged, with jagged ends.
The disclaimer states:
Exploration guaranteed,
Nay! Never go back claiming love after that
Ain't a betrayal or any freaking thing,
It's just the way this TOUCH chooses to work!
It's a bodily thing, so just BURY
Does rake one's FURY,
Yet it's worth the burial,
For life has to still move on,
Tread past the memories of TOUCH
Yet, how come the smell still chooses to linger?
The harbinger of change it is,
Haunting, tantalizing!
Associative madness...!!

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