Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Waking up for Coffee!

Retiring, with eyes shut, yet images streaming past;
The eyes open yet again;
Sleep has still not invaded
The empire of incessant thoughts...
So many, that the mind is pregnant with fatigue;
Made to think that it requires rest,
Sleep does sense some victory then;
When the eyes are shut;
This time though, with some more fatigue.
A new day thus dawns;
Having purged the thoughts in yesterday’s bin.
Sunlight beckons in all its morning glory,
Commencing the day with a new story...
The mild chillness of Chennai’s January breeze
Hangs In the morning air;
The sun’s heat, just right,
What next time? Must I say?
A steaming hot cup of filter coffee!
The drugged drink gets one’s energy racing:
Providing uninterrupted zeal for the new day.
A sip of filter coffee, off, the stainless steel saucer;
Can beat no beverage indeed!
With the stomach making some hungry growls,
Coupled with the smell of fresh mint emanating from the toothpaste,
Coffee flows down the oesophagus,
Settling in the layers of the stomach,
The taste of coffee thus lingers in the tongue;
Giving a heady high!
All is lost then; just coffee and me in our entirety,
A beautiful concoction thus ensues...
A new day begins...!


  1. Davara va saucer nu can't accept :)

    The saga of the filter coffee continues no one can resist its charms - like a conqueror embarking on a victory path filter coffee conquers all :)

  2. @theerthadanam: Davara is so apt, I know this is a point where the English language begs for cultural expression. Yes...Filter coffee. ..there s no replacement for it.