Monday, March 3, 2014

Amidst the din

Slumber so deep
For fatigue had peeped in
Up with a heavy head
With sleep lurking in the sockets of my eyes
Splashing some cold water
Straight on the face
I begin to face the day!

The lamp is lit
The smoke from the incense stick begins to take flight
Permeating across the corners of the house
Leaving home an aroma.

Filter coffee chooses to then invade
A drugged drink I cannot evade
A smell that pervades
Right into your senses
Mincing all frets
Making one forget!

The daily chores go on as usual
The sound of veggies being diced
The shrill whistle of the pressure cooker
The din from outside:
Of cars and bikes
The zoom and vroom
With door bells and phone bells ringing
With the noise from the mind,
Reaching a higher decibel-
Competing with the external din!

Peace amidst all this
With just a dose of words and verse
The knife is put aside post chopping
Something mightier than the sword is beheld:
The Pen and The Papyrus-
I plunge into my sofa's corner thus...


  1. I plunge into my sofa's corner thus,
    Take out my notebook and pen,
    And begin to scribble away,
    As my mind is clouded with memories,
    Some sweet and special,
    And some just best left forgotten,

    I find a sense of inner peace,
    A kind of Zen,
    Calming my inner soul,
    And spreading a glow of warmth and love,
    As I finish writing my poem!
    Tomorrow brings a fresh set of opportunities,
    A new day, a new poem, a new beginning!

    1. @theertha: :-) whoa what a release! Freshness:-)