Thursday, April 10, 2014

Rocking on - on a hammock

A releasing platform it was-the hammock. Tied to a lush coconut tree with the surroundings swathed by long blades of grass and a relieving breeze. An outing of sorts. To feel each other when they wanted to sense what it is like, to be up close at a huggable distance, and yet not hug. Just gazing at each other, with heightened adoration. The two were vacationing- you could term it as their weekend hangout spot. Discussing sweet nothings with their legs, entwined. Hitting each other with their toes and teasing for the heck of it. They would rest all afternoon until it was dusk- and then they lazily strut around to watch the evening sky- sunk in a pinkish gauze of the retiring Sun. They write on each others' backs and guess the words they wrote. Little pranks they played and bade goodbye to their day-out. A cameo indulgence they dived into- rocking on, on a hammock...

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