Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Death bed

Having the luxury of choosing one's death bed
Is a definite gem that one could treasure
While knowing the reason for death lends a certain sense of freedom,
Knowing where one would die, is even more liberating.
Unlike sifting through what restaurant I want to dine at,
Or even where I want to shop for clothes,
A cessation of breath if pre-decided, lest it's a suicide,
Brings in a gush of internal satisfaction.
Knowing where I'd die?
Ah! that will help me live life- enjoying every nuance;
Making way for happenstance moments all the while;
Until I die, and even after...


  1. Thumbs up for your view.

    But i feel there is a very big error accepting this view that you have shared, but that doesn't mean i am not respecting your views okay. let me be very clear first that my comment on your blog is not intended to hurt anyone how you enjoy your space by blogging like what i am here to enjoy my speech rights, so nothing personal.

    Here i am not going to put any of my theories and which will bring more confusion towards the discussion, i have only one question for the blogger

    The question is, what if any worst person(you can name anyone) on the pages of history comes to know about his/her death ?

  2. Good , and the answer that you have posted was seems to be look like a closed-ended so i am worried that i failed to express my idea about yours views but never mind i have my blog,:) in any time i may post my views as a reply.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Rebelde: I wasn't entirely sure of your comment. Thank you for dropping by at Serendipity though.