Friday, October 3, 2014

A fall to remember and a Vijayadasami account:-

A year full of sins and goodness ready to be surrendered one more time. Ready to shed ignorance and take on the light of awareness and enlightenment; on this day Vijayadasami: when good wins over evil- the sign of empowerment- only with knowledge.

Goddess Saraswathi seems to be easily the uncontroversial forms of godhead. Her face so serene, she is coyly seated on a white lotus: Beautiful as she is, immaculate is her colour- the purest form of white. While other forms are invoked for various other material reasons, Goddess Saraswathi, who has four hands and rides on a white swan; her blessings are invoked for intelligence, performing arts, knowledge and eloquence. 

Mookambika temple in Kollur, Karnataka state of India, is one of the frequently visited temples in South India. The deity here is our very own subject of today's post- Goddess Saraswathi. As little children, we are taken to this temple in Udipi district of Karnataka state only so that there is a free flow of speech and knowledge, both being Her forms. My mom repeatedly tells me that I fell down at this temple and apparently hurt my lips. I faintly remember this incident though. However I can still picture my swollen lips and how they fed me with the 'prasadam'(sacrament prepared in the temple). Mom immediately follows this story up by saying, "it is good you fell down there and quite appropriately hurt your lips of all the parts; after all, it was only at the feet of the Goddess of Knowledge!"

The books and my sruthi box ( an electronic box that figuratively represents the tunes of instruments like the tambura and harmonium) were taken out from the auspicious Pooja (offering of prayers). As a conclusive act, songs in praise of the eclectically beautiful lady forms were sung, and this post, written. 

Thank You Vakdevi (Godess of Wisdom- one of the synonyms for Saraswathi Devi) for all Your blessings, from the fall to this date- I shall ever remain grateful and committed to You.

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