Monday, December 15, 2014

Tribute to Mandolin U Shrinivas at Tchaikovsky Music Club - Russian Centre Of Science And Culture - Sunday, 14th Dec'14

Sunday couldn't have started better- last night's showers gave way to some morning warmth- with a blissful session of piano, mandolin and ganjira. The artistes included: Anil Srinivasan on the piano, U.Rajesh on the Mandolin and Krishna Kishore on the ganjira. The melancholy of Shrinivas’ demise was wiped out albeit just temporarily, through the music produced by his brother U.Rajesh.  The performance was the season’s first festival dedicated to Mandolin U. Shrinivas. Being the first musician to use the electric mandolin in Carnatic music, every tune played was but a resonation of the sounds produced by the maestro.

All the compositions played were personal favorites of Shrinivas – they were recorded 14 yrs ago in his presence- all the ragas chosen to be played had been recommended by Shrinivas to both Anil and Rajesh. The morning began with the raga shyama with the lilting notes of Annapoorne Visalakshi – which gradually gave way to raga dhenuka with the song Teliyaleru Rama. Kaliyuga Varadha composed in the raga Brindavana Saranga was heart rendering; especially with some fleeting moments during a prelude consisting of an eclectic raga assortment- nalinakanthi, reetigowlai, chandrakauns and bilahari- This song was composed by Shrinivas for the Hollywood movie’s sound track- Eat Pray Love.

A tall vinyl image with black and white undertones of the maestro adorned the stage – setting a class apart. The concert closed with John McLaughlin’s composition–Lotus Feet, in raga durbari kanada - Shrinivas had rendered his alluring Mandolin notes to this heartwarming unison of eastern and western classical music.

Picture courtesy: Agni Sharman- Photography blogger

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