Saturday, February 28, 2015


The rotund brinjal went to the kitchen
With all the pride of an egotist.
A firm green stem atop,
And a matte-purple bottom,
Resembling the sketch of humpty-dumpty.
Ignorant about hitting its pyre
It seethed with life,
Displaying fullness.
Soon- its heart, pierced, and body burnt
Shedding tears, ego shrouded
Skin wrinkling, fullness shrinking.
Hissing with hesitation, the fat vegetable cried even more
The firm green stem remained
Only as a grip to strip the vegetable.
In all its famished benevolence,
Brinjal dear was soon food for the egotist human. 


  1. Excellent !!
    Saranya also made Baingan ka bhartha around the same time- but we didn't think about the brinjal.!
    Super imagination -loved it . Keep it up!