Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On the way to Ooty

As the bus maneuvered up the serene hills of Ooty, we pit-stopped for some hot tea at a place by name Barliyar (a valley there) on a chilly afternoon in December. This place took me so much by excitement at the very first sight that I started clicking pictures of the valley from different angles. The place was so tranquil that I could only hear the sound of the silvern waters gushing down the valley...

A few steps away from the valley were some stalls selling fruits and flowers which were grown indigenously; which were a thorough visual treat! Passion fruit and custard apple were the fruits there in the stall to name a few; the taste of which still remain in my tongue... As night started falling I had to sadly bid adieu to my short, yet lingering fantasy at Barliyar and hop back in to our tourist bus.

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