Sunday, June 14, 2009


A chilly morning so a lazy beginning...
Beautiful is the breeze at dawn,
Nicer it is to welcome it...
Serene is the atmosphere...
Lush green meadows after a rain,
Look at me as though with an invitation...
I can see some deers grazing on the field
Enjoying every bit of the morning.
Well planned they seem, for the new day.

Here I am, sulking,
not knowing what to do
Plans in mind though are aplenty.
Oft I wonder how we mortals
can overlook Mother Nature,
for, how divine and kind she is...

So behold...and adore her beauty!


  1. mother nature? Whatever... God is the one who made all this distinct lovely creation. Mother nature is just a myth taking all Gods credit.

  2. Hi.. yes it's true that God is the creator, by saying "Mother Nature" here, what i mean is the lord himself in a different form...!