Saturday, September 28, 2013

Just let her be

Her kohl-rimmed eyes, shine like a sparkling glass of wine
Her crowning glory like the waves of the sea
Complexion so dusky, with voice a little husky
Accessorising, to her, is all about earthen shades
She stands out a tad different from her comrades
Like her peers though she nurses interests so humble
She has nothing unearthly, just has her monthlies
There is nothing impure about it, except for the fatigue she goes through
Loves to interact with people day to day
Of course she has her times when she wants to keep to herself
She firmly believes in familiarity breeding contempt
An attempt to load her with ideas and advice
Would only attract misunderstanding
Lashed for her nonchalance by her kith and kin
Why can’t she just be, just keep to herself?
She may not keep rattling all the time
But could be battling with thoughts
She wants to be clandestine from the bottom of her intestine
She seeks pleasure in enjoying the tiny nuances of life
She detests when somebody wears her thinking shoes
Sings songs of individuality woes
Her needs are pretty simple; she even enjoys a solo pimple
For she believes it’s a symbol of youth
Age is always a number to her
Her nuptial knot is just an occurrence in life
She believes that there is life after the knot
Wants to look as young and vibrant as ever
And is happy to bits with all the glitz
Never shy of the shutterbugs
Loves to both pose and click
She just loves to celebrate the beauty of life
Wants to be herself
She loves rants
Chants hymns of praise to her enchanting Krishna
To her He is all pervasive
That is why she practises the act of surrender
Everything else is zilch for her
Romances life by living the moment
Wants to only deal with her conscience and her Krishna
So why don’t you just let her be?
For she’d be just fine this way...
She detests if dictated terms
So just let her be
Simply hates when womenfolk practise melodrama
For they keep talking tales of yore saying women need to be free
Yet care a flying fing about it and breed chauvinism
Causing differentiation within their own sex
She hates being excessively loved and cared for in the name of Love
For she feels it is a sign of insecurity
Ah how she hates hypocrisy
Pray, this is not a rant about hatred
Yet a loud attempt of venting out pent up feelings
For it’s all about words...just let her be, she’d do just fine!