Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The “Need” for “Knead”

A new day begins; I am grappling with thoughts and words
The menu for the day is ‘roti’
Of course I need food for thought, so I ought to knead,
A big bowl of whole wheat flour is thus ready
The bigger, the better as it provides more space to play around with the dough
Better than any work-out perhaps this wok-bound action provides!
I put my hands into the flour, just to feel it, although it’s not new to me
I wonder how I’d get that perfect blend at the end
At the back burner, I am still grappling with thoughts and words aplenty
I thus begin the kneading, with my fingers now getting sticky
The flour now slowly begins shaping up, as I am gaping at it
The more you knead, the better the output!
So quite rigorous I get with it, with the thoughts and words still at the back burner
The dough is now amassed and I do an action performed by the road-side ‘parotta’ stall guy
The lump-like wheat flour is thrown back and forth at this hour
Ah what a stress-reliever it is!
Needing to bust stress through this kneading is great food for thought
As the lump is thrown in and taken out, the thoughts and words from the back burner are now put to rest
Anything at all I may have had before the kneading exercise began, I now let out a sigh of relief!
For it’s my belief that there is a new found harmless way of beating that stress through this simple yet effective act of kneading.
Oh so the dough is now kneaded!

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