Monday, November 11, 2013


Muse I need you impromptu
I ought to vaunt you!
Implant I must you,
Haunt me would you then!

Muse at times you are careen
Emerge you do sometimes from a figurine...
Paint then you do some green;
Remain you do until serene!

Muse I Know you,
Muse I owe you;
That I’ll show you to the world;
Mow I wouldn’t you down!

Muse, appear you do in umpteen forms,
Breaking all norms...
Jerking me from the dorm
Ushering reforms!

Regardless, I always would bear you in mind,
For detest I would to leave you behind...
Chewed many a cud I have in the hind,
Yet engrained you will be, not fading away amidst the blinds!

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