Monday, November 11, 2013


I haven’t a clue,

Drowning  in flu,

Giving me blues,

Penning, you come to my rescue!

Immersed in joy,

Toy, I do ahoy,

Papyrus I employ,

Date I do you, Penning, my boy!

Blow my top I want to,

Thoughts that taunt me,

Hunt me they do,

Shunt I do them, Penning, with you!

Neither joy nor sorrow,

I know not what I want the morrow,

Thoughts I want to burrow in a hollow,

Sigh! Penning, respite thus follows...!

Dismay comes my way,

Folks around me say nay,

Nothing I would then say,

Hey, Penning, you make me gay!

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