Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The familiar pair of eyes:

She brazenly walks past the corridor, wearing a radiant smile. Perfume interlaced with the freshness in the air. Simplicity personified: Adornments to wardrobe, all spoke the language of simplicity, never goaded by gaudiness. A self-lover of sorts, yet fully aware of the effects of selfishness. 

The nuptial knot: An accepted antithesis from a character like hers.  Impressions, almost always, embroidered on the fabric of singularity, despite the glances of the protective pair of eyes. The eyes were perennially prying, notwithstanding the eyes that shone like an unfathomable bottle of wine. The bottle so red due to the  oldness of the wine. A sensory high. 

A certain style statement, putting her on the plane of fashionistas; an epitome of class. Could dare to be bare. Loads of silver though, embellished with humility.

Without a doubt, the drink of the hunks and many a fellow girl too. An instant magnetism with the spark of the eyes that told a never-ending tale. Challenged by the familiar pair of eyes all throughout:  letting some hair down and unleash; indulge in some complimentary high.  Inundated with unfulfilled diarised requests. Armed with the rationale to sift though; falling only for chemistry with wordsmithery.
The familiar pair of prying eyes glanced all day and night, unshaken by them, she remained oblivious and entrenched herself in gaiety.

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