Thursday, November 21, 2013

A virtual home

A safe haven of pleasure. Responsive yet not entirely responsible. Facing each other through the windows of the virtual world, perched with their cup of coffee and smoke. No snooping involved, virtual space translating to freedom. Online availability meters ticking, yet contacting each other ONLY if in the mindset at that given time.

Swathed by the freshness of each day. Seeing each other only through the virtual wall. Lives to lead, friends and family to be dealt with, yet juxtaposed with some warmth and cosiness of the virtual living room. The walls and rooms of the virtual home witness emotions run through like birds taking flight. 

A semblance of having met years ago. In reality, perhaps they would have known each other only for a few months. Age, birthdays, likes, dislikes all unearthed through the contours of the virtual wall. No harassment whatsoever, for they are fully wary of each other’s freedom and space. 

Commitments not discussed. Backgrounds not dug deeper. Awakening only to the PRESENT. Past and future are mere tenses, for they are entrenched in the presence of the  present.Nobody has a clue what would happen the morrow; neither can the past be altered.  This logic easily strikes a chord, gently serenading like music. 

Complete veracity in the fact that the virtual rakes the moolah of TOUCH too. Nothing physical about it, yet goaded with physiological and psychological metamorphosis from deep within. The sights and sounds of each other inducing creativity, enhancing love and compassion for each other. A self-derived gratification.

Nursing dreams of togetherness, no fastidiousness, seeking infinitesimal pleasures, sometimes even alien to the rest of the world. Devoid of targets and timeframes only two minds connecting, just so well; beyond the rules of telepathy. 

The virtual room, sans any rent or ownership: Rendezvous interlaced with multiple encores of deja-vu, with PRESENCE as its piece de resistance! The virtual world, circumventing the crevices of the real world, yet keeping oneself firmly grounded for loads of revitalizing moments to unleash and unravel the YOU within YOU, with virtually, no STRINGS attached!

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