Sunday, November 24, 2013

An ode to you My Love

An ode to you My Love

Dare I do to love You

I know not where I muster this womanly courage

Albeit I know you belong to a higher plane

You shower the opulence on me with Thy Benevolence

Pray I love you more than myself

For in turn You teach me how to love myself back

Stand You do, anon, wearing a smile, so divine

Blessed I am to see You seethe with the effervescent smile

The silliest of thoughts, surrender I do at Your blue-black feet,

I can then revel in gay abandon

For I know You are around standing right there in the corner,

Encore, only smiling.

Do You even know any other action My Love?

How could you have this undeterred smile?

Don’t you shed tears of joy?

Even as I pen this down right for you in pensive mood,

I have tears blurring my vision

At the end of the blurring vision, I still can see You, my Light!

I can confide in You limitlessly,

For You seamlessly let me be, just let me be who I am!

With You, I am at my raw best, crudely inhibitionless...

My vegetable love for YOU knows no bounds

I can only hear lilting notes serenading through Your magical bamboo.

When the material world is caught in the gamut of melodramatic love
Here I am right before You, arduously awaiting only Your enchanting Smile.

Brim I do thus with mirth, a joy that transcends all worldly pleasures.

When I see thick clouds, I envision Your presence, blanketing the sky up with Your greyish colour.

Dusk naturally is thus my favorite hour,

For the purplish-orange hues painted by You

Invite me as though for a twilight union

Hold I then would Your hands,

Clench mine tight with Yours

And feel a heavenly warmth.

This unison with You my Love, could well let many a mortal squirm in angst

While I dance merrily with You blithely disregarding even my hunger pangs

For I am with You drinking the nectar of Love,

Leading me thus to the zenith of bliss.

I know not any lengthy chants of hymns

For all songs of my liking are dedicated right unto You

Hymns of praises I have for you

For bearing with all my idiosyncrasy

Tumultuous rants I make at times,

Forbear You do them all, with a gentle smile that makes me melt!

Pray I do not to You, for You are my bosom pal: I can engage in lengthy clandestine conversations with You, without a fellow mortal’s awareness.

Right this minute, if You decide to take me away,

I shall be ever ready to take off with You on a mirthful odyssey

And ever not return to planet earth,

I’d be perched up right there, watch You smile and silently whisper that You are mine!


  1. a ballad usually has a story in it, I wonder what's the story here. Please enlighten me!

    Joy always,

  2. It s my rant for Lord Krishna! A lyrical representation: an ode