Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Orsino: If music be the food of love, play on!

Entrenched in music. So much music, swathing the chambers of the mind. Music that evokes blissful tears. A state of elation throughout the light of day, the dusk of the evening and the darkness of the night. Tethering eventually to love: A reason, almost inexplicable. The capacity to help reminisce. To lurk in the past, to linger in pleasantries and the paraphernalia of love exchanged. The simplicity of the tunes, stumping one down each time, that it keeps echoing at the backdrop. Humming them, in memory of love; serving good enough for many unspoken conversations. A state of trance, goaded with lyrical threads constantly taking one back to the subtleties of love. A reverie, soothing the nerves, as though the nerves are held softly and caressed. Music thus penetrating deep within the cells, proliferating quicker than cancer and helping me seethe in bliss. A sweet addiction, a reason to cherish all the time. 

Loaded, charged, all by music, letting love what it wants to do, keeping myself busy, only with music. A state of nothingness, thus forming a part of the WHOLE. I stand lazily leaning on to the wall of my open terrace, looking up skyward, watching the orange sky, both star-lit and illuminated by electricity from buildings nearby. Feeling the freshness of the November night-air, shutting my eyes, deep in thought. Not plugged into music though, I can only hear the background score playing all throughout. Paying a tribute to Shakespeare through Orsino: If music be the food of love, play on!! Yes indeed, the food of love...overflowing with mirth. A hug around you, my music, a warm one! Thank you for making my day so lyrical and rendering it a fitting end: A marriage of thoughts from yonderland flowing gently into the river of LOVE...

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