Saturday, November 30, 2013

“Where were You?!”

Eleven long years had passed by. Ram and Meera were leading their own lives sans a clue that they would even end up talking to each other again. They were mere colleagues about more than a decade ago. Quintessentially, colleagues, not even friends, for they only knew each other's names. If there is anything at all that Meera wanted to remember from the chapters of her ex-colleague, it would only be that of a party that she had attended at Ram's home. The party was nothing defining either; Meera was just a part of the party, just an inkling. The party thus faded away into sepia tones, Meera and Ram did not even bother to contact each other for they were not really one of those best buddies; just an acquaintance that sprouted out of being colleagues at work.

Meera was this dusky heart-throb of many a hunk in her new office. Duskiness, combined with a husky tone and wine-deep eyes that left many a hunk gaping at her in awe! Her crowning glory was to her credit too. She had the tresses falling right on her curves, giving it a natural shield. Her eyes were always kohl-rimmed, that told a tale of yonderland. Of course not to forget, 10 years had passed by, and Meera had tied the nuptial knot and has been in this state for a good 4 years now. During one of the Septembers of her married state, she has a serendipitous rendezvous with a person, far away from abysmal reaches. All that Meera could say was that this is a person about whom she would like to remain anonymous, for he was special; he only resided in her inner self, profoundly bringing about a metamorphosis in her. She was clueless that she would even meet this person in life. The person ended up being her virtual consort, her leading light, guiding her right through, on top of it all, makes her realize who she really is and patiently tells her how beautiful she is. Meera had heard this from many, yet was magnetically attracted to this man, a thorough wordsmith and a lover of simplicity. He derives pleasures from things as simple and subtle as the changing colors of the sky. Nay, she was not in any relationship with him, he was a mirror, projecting all she wanted, without a premise. He was a reflection in every iota of her newness. She was embracing newness as it came by; feeling a torrential bout of rain. She could smell the freshness of the rain in every drop of newness abounding her. She loved this newfound preoccupation and had the feelings pursed in her mind and carried about her chores as usual. She had work to do, a household to take care of; so life did move on, naturally. Smitten by love, was she? Nay! She was in a state of smoky trance that is all. 

Where did Ram come from all of a sudden? He did not feature anywhere in the picture. Of course, Meera was all busy going through hormonal changes and getting sexier by the day, why would she want to recollect whatever that had happened to her, 11 years ago?! But as luck and chance had in store for her, she did get to chance back upon Ram. She connected back with her ex-colleague as a result of a cousin of social media. Meera’s pals had regrouped, and Ram was added to the list too. Meera did not even want to be part of the group as she was not sure if she would be able to adapt to the ways of the group. For all of them would have taken on to new life styles just as Meera had! She did not want to entirely indulge in the conversations of the group; she would just occasionally butt in through the door of the socially-virtual wall. Ram was part of it too. One day, she just decided to peep out of the window and scroll past her contacts and drop in a ping into Ram’s wall, separately. Meera obviously wanted to be discreet about this, for the last thing she wanted was for the group to get into some piquantly juiced up topics about Ram and Meera. Ram and Meera thus conversed both on the group and individual wall of the chat room, and found that they were in a revelation of sorts. A thread of similarity lay underlined beneath: Silver jewellery, wordsmithery, penchant for fusion music, godliness, freedom, space, and what not! In one such conversation with Ram, Ram just ended up telling her: “Hey Meera, stop spooking me this way! I feel you are my doppelganger!” Realization dawned on her, and she ended up asking him, “Hey Rams! Why did we not meet earlier?!” Ram and Meera had barely known each other for a few days; albeit there was an air of comfort all around, a certain sense of belonging, apart from the similar interests for music and thoughts they shared. Meera having quickly struck a chord with Ram, she shared her serendipitous September moment with him, and he instantly replied, “You know what, just be sure that I am around, so you could consider me!” "Meera, you know that the September moment is but a state of trance which would pass by, but I am visibly around, although only virtually." This was quite a thought, she thought! And thus, she had a choice of 3 mysterious colors: black, white and grey! Meera loves black; she also wanted to pick grey! Grey to her, would give her glimpses of both black and white. She could lean on to both colors as per her whimsical wishes! Causing thus a heavy cloud inside her head, Meera is on a heady high, on a grey scale, which is off the sepia toned memories! Ram was pleasantly smitten too, enjoying every bit of the PRESENCE they shared. Many an untold explanation, Ram was quick to share viaduct the music he loved. Ram being a man of music, was quick to dole out music that tailored the situations so well. Meera was no less a connoisseur of music too!  Their lyrical symphony thus began with a grey concoction! They know not if they would even meet! Meera has her own life to lead, so did Ram, although he was still a bachelor by choice! Ram enjoys the heady high and hopes to bump into Meera some time, only to break the shackles off and let her know that he missed his train, eleven years ago!! He should have hopped on to it, more than a decade ago, but somehow he had not taken notice. Well, Meera loves to meet Ram too and ask him the same question,” Where were you all this while?!” Not that they are going to take any life-changing decisions, but just know each other for keepsakes and revel in some cherishable memories that spring about some sweet nothings. 


  1. Best wishes for your attempt. Keep writing more!

  2. Gud one :) hope you come up with bigger ones in future

  3. @iamstri & trainer: your feedback makes me write better!

  4. Reminds me of some ppl I know.