Monday, December 9, 2013

Selfie Galore!

The word ‘selfie’ has been doing the rounds in newspapers and social media; even more so after it has made it to the Oxford dictionary! Thanks to all the front cameras on all those wonderful smart and I-phones. If you notice, even the names ‘smart and i’ associated with the word phone eventually boils down to the smart self!
Some spin-offs (my selfie views :-)) of the word:-
Candids= Candid clicks of oneself whilst in the confines of one’s random comfort.
Candid’ise’/Candid’ising’= To randomise self shots, and present in an unabridged manner.
Candidness: Just randomness sans any wanna-be looking make-up!
“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance...”: Oscar Wilde
Quoting Oscar Wilde here, who nursed thoughts on ‘selfhood’ way back in the mid 18th century, it is absolute, soul-gratification with the ‘self’ being coaxed and cajoled. Photographs, clicked or posed for, writings/columns that bear our names, titles/designations displayed on identification cards, name boards, labels on schoolbooks neatly handwritten in fountain pen with our names,  and of course the ‘instant grand reception and felicitation’ of the ‘self’ in the world wide web of social media; it’s a celebration and propagation of self all the way!
There is a Freudian profoundness to this just like his ‘looking glass self theory’ which today’s new-age social media thrives on! The idea is that, primarily, one needs to love oneself in order to even sense anything close to love for another soul. If you are not in unison with yourself, we cannot even remotely be of help to another self. We are not ascetics who are on a yogic mission in the mountains of peace; we certainly need to rummage through all the worldly austerities. A great deal of dogmatic self-pampering does a whole lot of feel-goodness! So lo and behold! Enjoy in some self-ness, no way selfishness, which would open up the Pandora’s box :-)


Post-scripting the post with a random candid!

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