Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Speeding against the word-o-meter

There are blogging clubs; there are forums where our posts could be shared, and of course the invincible power of the social media nemesis which is growing by the infintesmal multitudinal seconds. While writing is a cathartic experience, sharing the works and getting honest feedback on them is an act of sustenance. Reason: It is the basic right of every inidividual, let alone a writer/blogger to get an idea of how their works are. It is a sort of a feel-good-factor generated deep within. One could be magnanimous about their idea of being appreciated by not letting the readership factor creep in, nonetheless, we are but a slave to the veritable fact that we need readers; readers= comments. It is a chain reaction that ensues. More comments and likes to the works, in all certainty, does tickle our creative juices, only making us deliver better. The point I am driving home is, there is nothing wrong in accepting this latent verity. There is no requirement to be discreet about this feel-good-feel. Being an amateur blogger myself, I toy with different ideas day in and day out only so that I am able to write something to the best of my ability on a daily basis, also get to flirt around with the language. I definitely need to have my readers in mind, alebit, I have my own writ at my discretion. The question is, do I really need to speed against any word-o-meter that churns out the number of words I speedily type away? Isn't wording dependent on a person's inherent repertoire of wordsmithery as against being bound by a word-target? The fact that we have word meters ticking is, overwhelming. It is not about not being able to type or match up to a certain level of expectation, it is only about the personal urge and necessity that each individual has. If writing is enveloped by so many restrictions, personal writing can never be cathartic. It would then be mundane catharsis in the dress of a party-going animal; all dolled up, with a threat of the make-up being worn-out any moment! Writing to let go, offers much more breathing space than actually speeding away into potential accident-prone zones. Blogging thus is an incredible tool for self-appraisal of our thoughts and words, wherein the perks received in the process, shall aid us better in becoming wordsmiths, revelling in the joys of writing.


  1. I have been reading all of your articles.1)Your writing style is matured even though you claim that you are an amateur blogger. It is already fast.'Keeping the readers in mind' is the right attitude. This is the skill set to start with. Progress without fatigue. Cheers!