Sunday, February 2, 2014

Beyond the "Available" Tag

How did he know the other existed; lest he saw a status message on social media? They never called each other. Did not call on quite often too. Their existence hovered around only social media. Nothing beyond a green dot. Hours spent in pain and anticipation; yet they would not budge to pick up the phone. How were they to know if all was right or ok with each other? What if their timelines were hacked and the activity on social media was fake? Could they go merely by these daily logs? Of course they chose to be this way. They felt it was non-indulgent, no poking of noses into each other's affairs, until really necessary. Only the right measure. There was a latent craving, albeit: for more; just a little more of Presence. For it changed everything, optimistically. In the days of absence, she does not know whatever he was upto, but she silently conversed with him, through her mind. She wrote, unposted and unaddressed letters to him, each day.

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