Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Waiting by the window
To see if he dropped by
All except him stopped by
Each time she was notified,
She bloated in eagerness
If it wasn't him,
She'd say nay with dismay
Her days were set to a certain auto-pattern
That she followed, sans letting an eyelid batter,
It brought an air of calm
Feeling the charm all day
Keeping worries at bay
She still nursed this charm
And wait for him to drop by, in quiteude,
Though she'd be all baffled from deep within
She was acclimatized to his PRESENCE:
Drunk in bliss, that she never thought of anything that might be amiss,
She was his
This is it, she thought.
Yet things changed, wait she did by the window
No, not even an insignia
She felt like a maniac
Scurry, she would for him
Never mind she thought,
He ought to be busy
Hence just moved on
Oh lady love, he did return
Vanished in a jiffy
Flashed by with a few pleasantries
Raising her spirits, yes!
She was coated with immunity though
For she no longer knew his schedule
There was no prelude to her LOVE
For she was now immune,
Writhing in love, sans any pain!


  1. Dard e dil, dard - e - jigar --- powerful emotions conjured in verse!