Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dusk-Time Tale

Dusk again. Time for purging. An innate sense of togetherness with the self then. Timed just right, as though strung to an alarm. Almost occupying a slot, daily. The mind dictates dusk time, purging time. Entering into a pyre, with a cleansing inferno: Disposing thoughts and actions of the day that passed by. Nothing official about it for it is all between the body and the soul. A tête-á- tête between the two over a table, perhaps. Listless until then, with endless thoughts about what she believed was a positive future in career, in the reckoning. A rather trying, predicament it was. A sojourn that she undertook each day, during dusk. She hears the tinkling of glass tumblers, drowns in the smell of some fresh, aromatic beverage. She was at the local tea shop, again. Quite a comforting acquaintance that she had developed towards the stall. Familiar smiles are exchanged with the makers of the refreshing tea. Three men going about their chores unmindful about the happenings around their eyes busily meet the incessantly boiling milk, deftly adding the appropriate ratio of dust. They exactly knew the perfect blend she preferred; not a syllable had to be uttered: Strong, brown-hued tea, with less sucrose and two butter cookies serving for a dip. Suffice it to say that this swayed her into her own world. The polluted, yet cool breeze underneath the shade of the tree that serves as a canopy for the tea shop brushes against her face. She considers this sojourn as a rather sagacious one, for it rejuvenates her from the vexatious corporate air-conditioning, giving her some beverage-for-thought. A certain conditioned air within the confines of a decade-long corporate stint. The few steps that were taken towards the stall were this rewarding, at least in terms of fresh air, although not entirely pure. The likes of country roads and lemon tree chartbusters of the past played on constantly; with the canopy and breeze serving as perfect compliments: both atmospherically and mentally. A tea-break, that was: lonesome, yet solitary- A reason to reflect and introspect into the day’s occurrences, date with the self. Dusk time, thus tea time!


  1. For chai and butter biscuit - what a suspense building intro :) tea-time is for quiet reflections on the life ahead!

  2. @theertha: yes, it is a reflective moment, so chai and butter biscuit assume a metaphoric value:-)