Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Guileless eyes that told a tale
Sooth they did, many an ailment
What magic they weaved
Neither men nor the bearer knew not!
Haughty men sank in merriment
Let they did their egotist mind
Stay in the hind
And surrender before the lovely seductive pair!
Alas! The bearer of those eyes
Could not fathom how beautiful they were
Her beholders narrated
Them as ravishing magnets
They conclude: "Oh what a seductive work of creativity!"
All, though had but only one lingering interrogation:
How could the bearer hold such a charming pair in a deep socket
Without an air of arrogance in the mind's pockets?
Demure they are,
With an enduring pull,
A mass appeal,
Lulling men to a balmy indulgence
Kohl, or without,
They were just as alluring
The answers to questions remained elusive to her
For she just bore the eyes
Let the beholders do the talking!


  1. Do you know what song came to my mind after reading this poem?

    Jeevan sei bhari yeh teri aankhen...



  2. @theertha: if this verse reminded you of another verse, am glad! Thank you