Wednesday, February 12, 2014


A vagrant yet boisterous mind, easily pulled even by the slightest insignia of change. Amateurish disposition and a countenance mostly flamboyant and impulsive, not exactly favourable for the decision-making kind. What can consume ages to be tamed; luckily required only a few months, albeit they seemed like a lifetime. No external factors involved, just subtleties being deftly handled from within. Penning, that’s one hell of a sword I say. One could poke all they wanted using this tool. Not once does it hurt. A non-harmful exercise that gives one the effect of having poked the knife into a cushion, perhaps... no matter how many times it is punched with the sharp edge of the sword, only cotton comes out! That’s the result with penning.  Tight-lippedness, that’s what we inherit in the process. Saying a lot, yet  arguably dumb: communicating only via the written word. Elevates you to a solitudinal state: pleasingly reticent. Reticence, goes on to stay as a virtue.


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