Monday, February 24, 2014


A metallic purple nail lacquer shone through her nails. It could be likened to a bar of Indian chocolate with a deep purple outer cover. Gazing at her monitor, grappling for thoughts and words; vividly recollecting fresh thoughts of an afternoon that passed by, exactly a month ago. Everyday post that was intimately special. It was an afternoon of togetherness. A mild escapade into the wilderness of love. Thoughts, nay thought waves, kept gushing in the shore of the mind and brain and the damn heart. She was fully wary of the fact that she was getting nowhere and these were just some temporarily pleasing mental trips. Oh yeah she could take innumerable number of such trips. Yet the innate joy during these jaunts was something that she held tight to her bosom. Beautiful is an understatement for her features and looks. Charming and seductive perhaps would do half justice. No sashaying across the walking floor or anything. She leaps with excitement and takes humanly steps, only. Ain't this genteel kind, in fact sports calluses and burns. Easily attractive. Nevertheless her carnal love for this formless someone was intense. Clueless of the fellow women who would have fallen for the same person. Did not and does not really matter to her. A huge literary crush, that's what it was. Visibly available on all the media one could think of. This feeling could even easily pass off as a banal act of infatuation. But the more she thought of that afternoon, her love had a fortified effect, it had grown manifold. The fact that she was ignorantly innocuous about her next rendezvous was even more racy, a titillating madness. Long for, is all she could do. Loads of that, she pursued.


  1. Heavy-duty writing from the deep recesses of the heart with dollops of inspiration from the mind. Hmm.. and then what happened?

  2. @theertha: and that leaves her longing, that's all she could do:-(