Saturday, February 22, 2014


So much feels like home. A dashboard of sorts; a springboard perhaps. Something that I always turn towards. I take a detour of the city in the hunt for that ‘perfect’ lateral move that I can make. Oh my goodness, what a herculean task I say! Regardless, I don’t really care. I just want to explore the possibilities lying latent out there. I am sure I’d succeed. Now all that’s there... Heck, I need some dashboard though! Where I can bang my head on, yet not manage to get hurt in the process. Something that could be likened to a clandestine boyfriend who offers to caress my hair, giving me that tightest embrace (All this only tucked in within the emotions of some wondrous abstracts called WORDS and language). And that’s it. Back to business. No clinging on. Once written, the emotion doesn’t lurk right there and loom large; instead it lets out a cloudburst ushering some summer rain. I feel the freshness of the first rain kissing the mud. A lovely smell of union I say! This is one dashboard where I feel them all. Serendipity, my trusted springboard. Short or long, notwithstanding, writing is one damn catharsis, I can’t live without. My dear, want you next to me, with me, ALWAYS.


  1. Like one's first-love the first blog will always be a special :)