Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My God

My God is no 'body', beyond reach-
He's my veritable pal within myself.
Somebody who stands in the corner of my dressing cupboard
Who smiles at me pleasingly,
Putting me at a comfortable ease!

No temple or lecture can fathom
The depth of my ethereal love for Him;
No rigid rules to be conformed with,
With him, I could be non-compliant,
He loves me that way...
He appreciates my natural self,
Just the way I choose to remain.

My bosom pal and worst foe,
He sits on the driver's seat
And shows me around;
Knows when to stop and start.

He drinks up all my mirth
And shines like wine:
My Madhusudhana!
He readily consumes my sorrows too,
Leaving no mark,
Wiping it clean like FIRE,
Without the slightest TRACE;
He's my God, my FACE...!


  1. My God - the gentle Madhusudhanan,
    With his lovable smile,
    That sends gopikas into raptures,
    The mystical flute,
    That plays the haunting tune.

    He guides me, when I am worried.
    He comforts me when I am troubled.
    I know he is my guardian spirit,
    Protecting me from all evils-
    My dearest Madhusudhanan!