Thursday, March 20, 2014

You really don't know:-

It may be too short
Too premature to decide
To own, and have you by my side
You may even consider it as a bunch of trivia
But you just don't realise how profound
Your influence is.
Influence of a magnetic kind
That I'm being dragged to the walls of your presence all day.
You seem to be a recent development
Yet have got me traversing miles ahead in love-land.
My youth and mirth could well be invested in a younger generation
You just don't know it
I really don't care
Neither do I want to be termed blind;
For now I undo you from my history
All this- only until I find another one
Albeit, you'd still be special
Quite a dear acquisition!


  1. Is it a person,
    Or an object,
    That you write about,
    Or is about a person,
    Who is the object,
    Of your affections,
    That you write about!

    I know not,
    What runs in your mind,
    And what thoughts,
    Deeds or actions,
    Prompted you to spin,
    A web of words,
    To write this verse.

    I know not,
    What the truth is?
    All I know,
    Is that I eagerly,
    Await your writings,
    May be they are planned,
    Or may be they are -
    Acts of Serendipity! :)

    Keep smiling,
    Keep writing! :)

  2. @theertha: it is your responses too,
    That are humbling
    Thank you as always:-)