Thursday, April 24, 2014

Last few weeks of 20's

Almost a year-long struggle of uncertainty. Veering me towards an eclectic range of networking with people. Here's the thing-  it is like a storm that hit me so hard that it blew me to a different land altogether. And then what happens? Bloody, a sea of changes, which in fact has even got me writing this very piece and maintaining this very blog of mine which had hitherto remained dormant. To stay connected, just a ping away, yet not readily accessible is quite an 'oxymoronic'  state of mind. A pleasurable experience, all in the name of a 'job search!" The whole saga got me evolving as a personality just before I creep into my 30's. Hanging right there I am, in the last few weeks of my 20's, although with a slight despair that I can no longer continue saying "hey am 29!"The 9 seems to be giving way to 10 in just a couple of weeks from now.
Anyway, I am super thrilled and joyous about the fact that I could network with like-minded (this is of supreme importance) just before I turn 30. Who knows what's going to happen next, I know that's quite a

clichéd statement, but I will still use it. Age is just a number and all that paraphernalia is something that I'd still strongly believe in- albeit this number 30 seems to be quite like an edifying experience. I will revel in it, this very moment, for it is this moment that feels super refreshing, a hands-down SERENDIPITY!


  1. In a few weeks then I shall say Welcome to the Club :)