Monday, April 21, 2014

Nothing special, just 30!

Pottering along the last of 20’s,
An entry I make into a new unit of 10
30’s are this, and 30’s are that-
The world comes behind you
With a host of instruction-laden speeches!
Budge, I don’t want to,
For I have my own evolving vision.
A set of qualities that I’d like to nurse till the end
A set that I’d like to be synonymous with:
Banal and ostensible they may sound
Yet they’d be my own proud possessions:
Reticence- Oh how much one needs this;
Helps wield a good command of undeterred respect
Patience- The ‘bestest’ is yet to come;
Patience teaches me just that!
Unflinching confidence in self- Self Explanatory!
Fitness- A fit body to house the above.

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